This & That

THE BIG PICTURE – In a large facility, staff and visitors appreciate having an overview of the medical center, its outlying building, and its extensive parking system.

THE FACE OF PUBLIC LANDS – Partners of the Cherokee National Forest asked for a logo to promote and support public use of Tennessee’s largest wilderness areas.


PROJECT LOGO – A product development team wanted a logo to promote their cutting edge robotic technology. The stylized “O” is patterned after the claws of a velociraptor dinosaur.

MUNICIPAL LOGO – This county wanted to emphasize its historical courthouse as well as a symbolic outreach into a sprawling geographic area.

PRODUCT LOGO – This product is a portable, high security door lock that slides under a door and forcefully holds it closed.

COMMEMORATIVE LOGOS – An academic honor society celebrated their anniversary with a logo and a medal which reflected their early roots and their current high tech focus.



CORPORATE LOGO – A development firm wanted their logo to reflect the way that professionals come together to form cohesive teams.

FUNCTIONAL LOGO – The company wanted to brand every map. I designed a special North arrow to promote the brand at the same time.

EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATION – A proposed reformatting of the classic Curious George children’s books into a hyper-realistic graphic novel.



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