STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS – Until recently, a beautiful stream had been a polluted industrial ditch. This sign showed passersby how extensive landscaping and aquatic management were used to restore the waterway.

AROUND TOWN – The client wanted to invite pedestrians to explore the entire downtown area. I deliberately created a very distinctive wayfinding map that visitors would notice even at a distance.


GROWING SUCCESS – A city wanted to brand their very popular greenway system. My solution was so simple and appealing that neighboring communities adopted it.

WELCOME, FRIEND – A roadside center provides visitors with an overview of the surrounding area and its rich history and culture.

TAKE ME TO THE RIVER – Based on the success of my greenway sign designs, the city asked for directional signage along local “blueway” routes.

GIVE US A SIGN – City facilities were often overlooked because signage needed to be completely rebranded.