CELEBRATING A TOWN – This quiet community wanted visitors to notice things that make it unique. My design starts with the “Damn the torpedoes” admiral from whom the town gets its name and goes from there.

JOINING THE BEST – Top-tier engineering graduates must take multiple steps when applying to a prestigious honor society. I created materials to help them succeed.

SELL SHEET – A multi-disciplinary engineering firm needed presentation materials that spelled out their specific technical strengths. The sheet is still in use years later.

MS Technologies, Inc. - Business development literature for a diverse and highly competitive engineering consulting firm

MAKING A SPLASH – The client envisioned a guide calling attention to 100 miles of undiscovered waterways. I helped set an adventurous tone that sparked a surge in paddle-friendly sports.

LOCAL ACTIVITIES FLIER – The quiet of this area made it challenging to promote. By emphasizing relaxation and simple pleasures, this flier “spoke” to frazzled tourists.

WELCOMING SMILE – Front desk professionals are asked to recommend local restaurants. This training sheet quickly and effectively trains hotel staff to assist arriving guests.

PROFESSIONAL DIGEST – Top engineers, executives, and Nobel Prize winners belong to this honor society. Their articles had to be both authoritative and thought-provoking.