UI/UX Interface

NARROWING DOWN – Which city park offers baseball, picnic tables, bathrooms, AND a playground? This app lets users pick multiple amenities, then locate the best park.


FROM STANDUP TO HANDOFF – Users want to spend less time on essential tasks—not more. My check out redesign gives users just one short screen. Users will see additional details only if they ask.

Full Design Cycle


MEMORABLE MERCHANDISE – This leading jewelry retailer offers a vast selection of dazzling items. Customers can create a list of desirable items on a “sigh today, buy tomorrow” plan.



MORE THAN SKIN DEEP – A website can include dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of individual screens. The goal? Help the user find what they want easily and quickly. Such simplicity comes from thorough planning, prototyping, and documentation.


INSIDER INFO – Visitors love knowing what local people enjoy. This app is 100% locally sourced with the “insider” knowledge that travelers crave.


FRICTION FREE – A large organization wanted a single portal to combine a multitude of administrative processes. The result was a no-nonsense interface. A natural background provided visual relief from the extremely utilitarian office building.