GET COMFORTABLE – This client recruited marketers, engineers, and subject matter experts to collaboratively develop new products. The website stirred up interest among prospects, and then suggested they seek a referral from an existing member.

PROCUREMENT PORTAL – A very large organization was streamlining their administrative processes. They wanted one starting point which featured a number of links. Although I could not eliminate the jargon, I used visual cues to guide users toward the best choices.

CHANGING DIRECTIONS – Strategic consulting is crucial for business owners who are deciding whether to exit their business or transfer it to a colleague or family member. Here, I used an attention-getting combination of photographs and background textures.

NARROWING DOWN – Which city park offers basketball, picnic tables, bathrooms, AND a playground? This app lets users select multiple amenities, then find the most suitable park.

SEE THE FOREST FOR THE TREES – What gets the attention of outdoor enthusiasts? The outdoors, of course. On this site, the focus lies squarely on the vast forest that this nonprofit group supports.

MOBILE WAYFINDING – Visitors love finding restaurants that local people prefer. This locally sourced website lists all dining and shopping options within a defined area.

DOUGH ON THE GO – Purchasing does not stop just because buyers are away from the office. This is the wireframe of a mobile app which tracks purchases throughout the approval process.

ALL BUSINESS – The client knew that their public-facing website was being viewed primarily by prospective employees and competitors. I structured the website to define the mission of the company without disclosing its competitive secrets.