MAYTAG – Many customers doubted they could install their own dishwashers. Using detailed visual instructions, I showed them a step-by-step approach. The company quickly expanded its share of the Do-It-Yourself market.

RUBBERMAID – A popular industrial product was very durable but sometimes a broken wheel needed to be replaced. Using only pictures, I showed end users how to quickly and safely do the work themselves.

MOEN – The client was losing money on a key product. Why? Because customers were baffled by the directions. The company reported a $500K savings on product returns within three months once my instructions were published.

PETSAFE – Customers understood the concept of invisible fences for dogs, but were unclear about certain installation details. I decided that the best solution was combining words with carefully-chosen pictures. Product returns stopped being a problem.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE – This is not a glamorous type of graphic design, but I love it. I genuinely enjoy helping people to succeed as they attempt something for the first time.