SLICING THE PIE – How do you show that 81 employees are engineers, but only 20 are electrical engineers? I decided to stack two pie charts like a layer cake.

BY THE NUMBERS – Numerical data is sometimes ho-hum, but it can be formatted to organize and emphasize the information—including an important “Bottom Line”.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT – Earning a new customer is really very expensive compared with keeping an existing one. This graphic drives home the point.

RIGHT ON TIME – Nationwide, most college seniors could not read the average bus schedule. When I developed this new design, most 3rd graders read it perfectly. The design was named the most readable in the United States.

MAKING A POINT – This graphic was part of a proposal to steadily increase the productivity of research scientists and their administrative staff. My client was awarded the contract.

MANY FACETS – Within one company, multiple processes happen simultaneously. I designed appropriate forms so each department seamlessly connected with others.

KEEP IT SIMPLE – Sometimes an organization is so large and complex, those involved need help understanding how it works. Here, money goes in and research comes out.

GETTING THERE – During stressful times (like a hunt for the Emergency Room in a hospital), visitors appreciate being guided through difficult decision processes.